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Looking for a fire alarm system for your home or business in Wolverhampton? With over 24 years of experience, we’ll design and install a high-tech fire alarm that is best suited to your needs. We start with an initial free survey before providing a quote and agreeing on the installation date. Even more, we can provide fire extinguishers and annual servicing to keep your property in line with the latest fire regulations. Read what over 190 customers have said about us on CheckaTrade!


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fire alarm systems IN WOLVERHAMPTON

Countrywide Security Systems provide fire detection and solutions for your home and business. We specialise in fire alarm installation, and can also design, supply, commission, service, and maintain any fire alarm system in full accordance and compliance with all the latest British and European Standards.

Our specialist team of installers and commission engineers will carefully oversee the process from fire alarm installation, all the way through to the ongoing fire alarm maintenance.

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New Fire Alarms come with a 1 year warranty! Call outs, labour and parts are covered!

How can Countrywide Security Systems help?

Fire Alarm Installations

We proudly offer installation services when you buy a Fire alarm system with us. Systems we install:

Fire Alarm Servicing

We all know the importance of fire alarms. They can save lives and reduce damage when a fire erupts. However, most people neglect servicing their fire alarms until it becomes an issue. With our servicing packages, we can make sure your alarms are ready to save lives.

Fire Alarm Maintenance and Repairs

Fire alarm maintenance is a required for a local authoirty fire certificate. To stay compliant, our qualified surveyors will visit your premises and design a maintenance package for you.

Fire Extinguishers

The location of your fire extinguishers is the first and most important step when choosing from our wide range. We’ll visit your premises and help you decide.

Your Journey With Us

We keep things simple at Countrywide Security Systems, making your journey with us as smooth as possible. Installing and maintaining your new fire alarm should be easy – that’s why we’re happy to install it for you!

5 steps to installing your new fire alarm

  1. Have a chat over the phone and take some details
  2. Arrange an initial survey for free of charge
  3. Send you a quotation
  4. Agree on suitable time and date
  5. Arrive and install your new fire alarm

Fire Extinguishers

Health and safety are a top priority for any building. Well-stocked and correct fire extinguishers can help keep your tenants and property safe. The Countrywide Security team work with you to decide the best types of fire extinguishers for your business.

Types of fire extinguishers

Dry Powder extinguishers are the best choice for handling Class A (wood and rubber), B (oil and greases) and C (electrical).

Water fire extinguishers are the option for tacking Class A solid combustible fires. The cooling effect prevents reignition and reduces harm to employees and property.

Foam fire extinguishers are a safe and effective way to protect your employees, customers, and property from Class A fires. If passed the conductivity test, this extinguisher can be used on electrical appliances.

CO2 extinguishers are great for tackling fires involving computers, generators, petrol, and paint. They do not leave any residue behind, making them the choice for shops, schools, and hospitals.

Wet chemical fire extinguishers can handle any flames caused by cooking oils and fats (Class F), as well as paper, wood, and textiles (Class A). Commonly found in fish and chip shops, hotel kitchens, and other commercial kitchens.

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Annual Fire Alarm Service

Fire Extinguishers

There’s nothing more vital to a building’s safety than a well-stocked fire extinguisher. The law requires you, as a landlord or employer, to have one and we can help make sure your company choose the best one.

Types of fire extinguishers

Dry Powder extinguishers are relied on to put out all kinds of fires. They’re an excellent choice for tackling Class A, B, and C flames with their ability to handle flammable gasses, electrical equipment, and solid materials like wood furniture. 

Water fire extinguishers are a great way for homes and businesses that hold combustible materials, like wood and textiles. They’re most commonly found in retail premises for quick access during emergencies.

Foam fire extinguishers protect your employees and property against Class A and B fires. Dielectraclly tested extinguishers can be used on electrical fires, offering broad protection for many businesses. 

CO2 extinguishers are made to tackle Class B fires, but can also be used on fires caused by electrics. If you store oil or petrol, this extinguisher is for you.

Wet chemical fire extinguishers are made to tackle fires in kitchens. Any flames caused by cooking oils and fats, such as deep fat fryers, this extinguisher can handle. Some wet chemical extinguishers can tackle Class A and Class B fires offering great protection for restaurants and schools.

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Why do you need Fire Alarm Installation in Wolverhampton?

The first line of defence against all fires 

Early warning of a fire saves lives and property

Makes you, your staff and customers feel safe

Monitored fire alarms increase response from Fire Service

Brands we use

aico - fire alarm manufacturer
C-TEC - fire alarm manufacturer
Fike - fire alarm manufacturer
Fire Angel - fire alarm manufacturer
Gent - fire alarm manufacturer
Hochiki - fire alarm manufacturer

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