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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I prevent my property form being broken into?

Unfortunately we are all vulnerable from being the victims of a crime, however we have created a list of things to do to deter unlawful individuals.

Have a visible External Bell on your property with 24hr LEDs that can clearly be seen on the night time warning potential burglars that your alarm is Live! Always set your Alarm when your out and in bed at night.

A fully activating Alarm is very loud, which will make the potential burglar uneasy and hopefully scare him away!

Have a least 2 Security Lights on your property, One at the Front and One at the Rear. Lights are a fantastic deterrent to unlawful individuals as they would prefer to carry out there criminal activities in the dark!

Have good quality CCTV System not only for evidence but to deter unlawful individuals.

Quality locks on your Door and Windows is another great way to slow them down or even prevent a break-in into your property.

Never leave ladders, gardening equipment or tools outside your property, e.g. on your driveway or in your garden! These are perfect items that the burglar will use to help in committing his/her crime!

Summary: Make your property un-attractive to a potential burglar/unlawful individual.. A well protected property will make this individual think twice about committing a crime on your property. Please call us for advice on how to protect my property!!

Why does my Burglar Alarm keep false Alarming?

 The most common reason for false alarms is due to the Back Up Battery. (This is located inside your Main Control Panel)

If you allow your Back Up Battery to run low this will affect the reliability of your Alarm causing no end of problems including false alarms.

The life expectancy of a Back Up Battery is 5 Years, you MUST replace it if it is older than this!

Another reason for false alarms is a badly maintained system, we would recommend having your alarm serviced every 12 months, this will help identify potential problems in the future and check that all your devices will operate correctly in the event of a break-in!

How long will my Burglar Alarm last for?

This really does depend on a number of factors? We have comprised a list of important factors when choosing a Burglar Alarm System:

Make and Model/Grade of System. (Ask us for advice on what make and Grade of Systems are the most reliable)

Installation. (You may have chosen a good make, however, the Company/Person who fits your Alarm is just as important. i.e. check that they are approved with SSAIB or NSI Gold!)

Service and Maintenance  (Get your alarm serviced every 12 months, this will help identify potential problems in the future and check that all your devices will operate correctly in the event of a break-in!)

Summary: Choose a quality make, an approved company/person to install it and get it serviced annually, then your burglar alarm should last you 20+ years!

What type of Burglar Alarm Systems are out there?

We have listed the different types of Burglar Alarm Systems below:

Wired System: A traditional wired Burglar Alarm System consists of cables running to each individual device including Movement Detectors, Door Contacts, Bells, Keypads etc.

Wireless Systems: Wireless Systems are now more popular for Homes than a traditional wired system, this is because the latest wireless technology has come on leaps and bounds over the last few years, becoming extremely reliable and most now meet current British & European Standards for Alarms, they are also cosmetically pleasing to the eye, no longer a need to lift your carpets and floorboards as every device is completely wireless and are powered by high lithium batteries which last 3-4years.

Outhouses, Sheds etc are now a lot easier to protect with a Wireless System. However, Wireless Alarms are not suitable in large, commercial type properties as there are limitations on signal strengths and potential interferences!

You can now choose from:

Traditional Bells Only (Internal & External Bells will ring upon an activation)

Speech Dialler System (As above but will call you in the event of an activation)

Smart System (As above but will also send you notifications to an App downloaded onto your Smart Phone. You can also have complete control over your Alarm by setting, un-setting, checking events, switching on your Security Lights manually or automatically when your alarm activates and much much more all from your Smart Phone!)

24hr Professional Monitoring (A 24hr Monitoring Centre will be monitoring your Burglar Alarm 24hrs a day 7 days a week. They will immediately call you when they receive a signal from your Alarm System)

Police Response Systems (As above but with the added comfort that the Police will automatically be called on confirmed and hold up activations)

What is the best CCTV System out there?

There are a lot of CCTV Systems out there, with hundreds of different Makes, Models and Types which makes it very difficult to choose the right one for you? We have comprised a list of important factors when choosing a CCTV System:

Make and Model: (There are a lot of Cheap imported CCTV Systems on the market which you need to stay well clear of! If it sounds too cheap it probably is!! We can give you advise on systems that not only do the job but will last many years!)

Quality of Image: (Always choose at least a FULL HD Camera 2.07mp. The image is 1920 pixels wide and 1080 pixels high: a total of 2.07 megapixels. Full HD is also referred to as 1080p.), however there are now Cameras that go beyond Full HD and we would recommend a minimum of a 5.0mp Camera, also we are now fitting a lot of the latest 8.0mp (4K) Cameras which are defined as Ultra High Definition.

If you want to easily identify someone’s face and clearly read a sign or car number plate, then we would recommend a minimum of 5mp image quality

The most important thing when choosing a quality CCTV System is the Recorder. Make sure there is enough Hard Drive Storage so you can always check back on your footage for around a month at a time, this will cover you if your property is empty for a number of days, e.g. when you go on holiday! Also a good recorder will have some nice little analytic features e.g. facial recognition, trip wire, notifications to your smart phone etc..

Always make sure your CCTV System has a good quality on line App where you can view your Cameras from anywhere in the world via your Smartphone, Ipad, Laptop, PC etc

Last but not least, choose a qualified Installer, THE most important thing to consider when buying a great CCTV System is…..who is going to fit it?  

It is very important to have a quality installation, for example have cabling hidden out of site to potential unlawful individuals, just as important is the location of the Cameras which has proven imperative when providing evidence for the Police.

The Police cannot prosecute or do anything if the quality of the image is not good enough! or the Camera is too far away from the event to see anything clearly! So Please choose wisely!!!!

Do I choose a Wired or Wireless CCTV System?

Wireless CCTV Systems are ideal in remote locations where cabling cannot be ran, however a wireless camera is limited to the quality, for example most wireless cameras definition are usually at a maximum of around 2.0mp.

This is no good when identifying number plates or signage on vehicles etc. Another thing to consider with wireless Cameras is that they are not so reliable as wired, as they rely on a Wifi or Radio Signal for the picture, but they still also need plugging in to a socket to give them power unless you go for the battery ones which we would not recommend! However there are Wireless Cameras that are Powered by a Solar Panel (Sunlight) and recording is done by a memory card that is installed in the Camera itself, they are usually quite large as they require a big Solar Panel and Back Up Battery so depending on how much sunlight we get is dependent on the reliability of the Camera?

Wired Cameras are definitely more reliable and can take a better image quality e.g. (8mp). In summary choose Wireless only if you cannot run cables around your property, otherwise a wired system is definitely better!!

What can my new CCTV System do?

CCTV Systems have advanced considerably over the years, they can do a lot more nowadays than just capture video footage.

Please see below for some of the most common systems we do:

A Traditional CCTV System (Will capture footage and record automatically onto a Hard Drive)

A Networked CCTV System (As above but will also link to your Network so you can view live pictures and recordings over the internet from a Smart Phone, Ipad, Laptop and PC from anywhere in the world)


  1. Facial Recognition (Automatically identify an individual’s face)
  2. Motion Detection (Automatically pick up movement and start recording the event)
  3. Notifications (Automatically send you events to your Smartphone and email)
  4. Links (Automatically turns on your lighting and other security devices)
  5. Security (Automatically identify crowds, weapons, person running and many more)

Camera Types

Nowadays there are a varied number of Cameras to choose from, below is a list of the most commonly used ones:

  1. Static Dome (Dome cameras are named for its dome shape. A dome camera is usually mounted on the ceiling, under the eaves or the soffit, indoors and outdoors. A vandal proof dome security camera usually has a solid metal base and poly-carbonate plastic cover to protect it from vandalism or tampering.)
  2. Bullet (A bullet camera is a type of video surveillance camera with the shape of a rifle bullet. Bullet security cameras are usually small (2 to 8 inches long) and the smaller ones are oftentimes referred to as lipstick cameras specially. Bullet IP cameras have a fixed or variable focal length lens with a strong point for specific spaces.)
  3. PTZ (A PTZ camera (pan-tilt-zoom camera) is a speed dome camera that is capable of remote directional and zoom control. PTZ security cameras can pan left and right, tilt up and down, and zoom in and out. The PTZ dome cameras are usually larger in size for outdoor uses with super high resolution.)
  4. ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition is a highly accurate system capable of reading vehicle number plates without human intervention through the use of high speed image capture. All images can be transferrable to an ANPR Software Database

All our Cameras come with Night Vision Technology built in.

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