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Countrywide Security Systems is an official SSAIB-certified security company and a 9.9 Checkatrade score, guaranteeing you high-quality service.

Our professional team are expert installers in wireless fire alarm systems. We can design and install a high-tech fire alarm system in your commercial property, ensuring that the fire alarm we provide is best suited to your needs.

The process begins with a member of our knowledgeable team visiting your property for a consultation to outline the best design and installation plan for your fire alarm system. For more information about the fire alarm services that we offer, contact our team today.

Fire Alarm Installations

Countrywide Security provides fire detection and solutions for your home and business. We can design, supply, install, commission, service and maintain any fire alarm system in full accordance and compliance with all the latest British and European Standards.

We have the solution for all your fire alarm requirements and our leading technical support services are always available post-installation if required. Our years of experience have provided our engineers with ample knowledge working on a variety of fire alarm systems, including addressable, non-addressable, conventional, monitored and fire brigade response systems.

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New Fire Alarms come with a 1 year warranty! Call outs, labour and parts are covered!



We carry out all fire alarm maintenance to the highest quality and ensure they meet the British Standard BS5839. Our fully qualified surveyors will visit your premises and design a professionally made maintenance package with a free consultation.

Over time, detectors can become less sensitive and general faults often develop. The sensitivity of detectors on a poorly maintained or neglected fire alarm system may result in the system not triggering should a fire develop, which could be deadly.

A correctly designed and operating fire alarm system will give enough warning to save lives and hopefully allow firefighters enough time to limit property damage. Periodic testing, backed by regular user checks, will ensure that the system can effectively protect those living or working there as well as the property itself. Fire alarm maintenance is crucial in maintaining the integrity of the system.



We offer a wide range of fire extinguishers for any eventuality. It is imperative to consider the location of the fire extinguisher before choosing which one to have onsite on your property. Our fully qualified surveyors can arrange to carry out a free consultation at your premises to provide the necessary advice on which fire extinguisher would suit your needs.

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Frequently asked questions

What's the difference between addressable and non-addressable fire alarm systems?

Addressable and non-addressable (conventional) fire alarm systems differ in how they communicate.

Another difference is how it detects locations of alarms. As convetional alarm systems have multiple devices on a zone, when activated, it will tell you the zone. In other words, you’ll have to check each alarm in a zone to find the cause. Addressable alarm systems have an address assigned to each device. Therefore, when it activates, you can see exactly which alarm is causing the alert.

Cost is difficult to judge. Conventional fire alarms are cheaper to buy, but cost more to install (there’s more wires) Addressable fire alarms are the oppositive, and may balance the costs out in the end. Call us on 0121 386 2639 to get a quote.

Are wireless fire alarm system any good?

Wireless fire alarm systems are great if you’re after a quick installation and flexibility when moving out of your property. They’re also more aesthetically pleasing as they require less wiring.

However, wired fire alarms are better for those who prefer reliability, low maintenance, and a cheaper installation.

How do wireless fire alarm systems work?

Wireless fire alarm systems use a radio signal that is transmitted to the control panel when smoke or heat is detected. The control panel will issue the siren and notify through the panel which fire alarm triggered the alarm.

How often should a fire extinguisher be serviced?

A basic service needs to be completed once every 12 months in accordance with BS 5036-6. This must be performed by a competent person who has the correct tools, knowledge, and experience. Businesses often turn to third-party experts, like Countrywide Security, to help them comply and keep their staff and property safe.

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