Burglary is more common in the UK than people are led to believe, with over 267,000 burglaries reported in 2021 alone – equating to a break-in occurring every 105 seconds. It is not always as random as you think, as approximately 43% of burglars know their victims personally. 

The vast majority of home break-ins would have been better avoided if people took more precautions to secure their property more effectively. Surprisingly, only 32% of households currently have a burglar alarm, and only 40% of people have a security camera.  Why is this important?

We have created the following blog to explore the significance of home security systems, looking particularly at the effectiveness of access control systems, and whether they are necessary to improve the security and burglary resistance of your home and business.  

Why are Access Control Systems Important?

Stronger door protection

When you have a lot of valuable possessions in your home, installing a home access control system can considerably aid in providing you with better peace of mind. Standard home doors are easily compromised – either through breaking and entering or through counterfeit key copies.

This alone can be enough to keep you constantly on edge when you know your property is vacant. Access control security systems do not require physical keys for entry, and therefore provide bolstered resistance against counterfeit key robbery.

Streamlined security

For those with larger homes and businesses that may have multiple different entry points, it may feel like a nuisance to carry around a huge set of keys in your pocket. Why not streamline your entire key system by installing a convenient home door-entry system?

Whether you choose a key fob, card, or a more advanced biometric system, you can have complete access to every door in the building with a singular fob, card, or fingerprint. Better still, such systems are highly challenging to replicate, making it extremely unlikely that someone could gain entry to your home, even if you lose your key and fob.  

Speak to visitors without opening the door

Whether you’re having to run your business from your living room or you have enthusiastic neighbours, an intercom can be an incredibly valuable home access control system.

Rather than having to stand up and rush downstairs every time your doorbell rings, you’ll have the ability to see and speak to your visitors with the click of a button. It is even possible to grant visitors access to your home without fumbling for your keys. This is hugely beneficial if you’re constantly having parcels delivered, or clients visiting your home on a regular basis.

Speaking to visitors remotely through a home door entry system is also hugely beneficial for the elderly, as they may struggle to answer the door quickly. Furthermore, they’ll be able to see exactly who’s on their doorstep without having to open the door.

This was especially beneficial during the COVID-19 pandemic, as it reduced the risk of contamination – but it can also help to prevent vulnerable people from falling victim to countless door-step scammers in the future.

Upgrading Access Control Systems with Countrywide

There are clear benefits to be gained from an access control installation in your homes and businesses. Countrywide is one of the longest-serving access control system installers in Birmingham and experts in Securing Your Property and Home Security Essentials.

With Countywide, you can be sure that you are receiving high-quality installations and systems at a reasonable price. If you have any further questions regarding the information presented in this blog, then please do not hesitate to get in touch. We would love to hear from you and would be more than happy to help.