A burglar alarm is a worthy investment for adding additional security to your home. A working alarm system should be used alongside other security solutions to further deter criminals. A potential thief would more than likely attempt a robbery on a home without any visible deterrents, than one with a working CCTV and alarm system, and working lights. If you’re on the fence about purchasing an alarm system, this blog is aimed to help you come to a conclusion.

  • A burglary takes place once every 106 seconds in the UK.
  • Someone is home during 58% of burglaries
  • A burglar alarm does not protect your house from attacks or break-ins; however, it is reported that 63% of burglaries happen to homes without a basic security system.
  • 61% of burglaries take place between 6pm-6am

With the ever-increasing price of safety and security, it is common to ask yourself “do burglar alarms really work?”. A working alarm system will not deter 100% of crime from your property, but it can be the difference between a burglary or an attempted burglary. As mentioned above, 61% of burglaries happen in homes without a working alarm system.

Should I get a burglar alarm?

A burglar alarm will not stop crime, l however it can greatly decrease your chances of being targeted. If you’re worried about being targeted, an alarm system, working CCTV, and lights are effective ways of deterring a criminal. Therefore, you should get an alarm system. It can’t hurt to add additional security to your home.

Are burglar alarms effective?

According to a study of convicted burglars, 60% were deterred by the sight of an alarm system. This would suggest that burglar alarms are effective in deterring criminals attempting a burglary. Of course, it is not 100% of people who will avoid a house with an alarm system, but it will greatly decrease the chances.

How long do burglar alarms last?

In most cases, burglar alarm systems can last 20 years or more (if installed properly and maintained well). However, with the advancement of tech, an older alarm system may miss some of the impressive new features of a modern alarm.

How much does a burglar alarm system save on insurance?

There is no guarantee your insurance premium will decrease with a burglar alarm installed and you should check with your insurance provider to be certain. Some insurance providers may offer a lower premium if you have a certain alarm fitted, but this doesn’t apply to every provider or alarm system.

How to install a wireless burglar alarm system?

A wireless alarm system can be installed by your provider or yourself if you’re feeling confident. There are many guides and videos online, and some alarm providers may have their own guides on how to install.

If you are struggling with your installation, try googling the name and model of your alarm for specific instructions on installation.

How long does a burglar alarm system go off?

Alarm systems go off for 20 minutes before being manually cut off.

How to use a burglar alarm

Each alarm system may work slightly differently, and as such, you should consult your manual or instructions specific to your system. Generally, alarm systems will have an on button and a reset button, as well as a password you must input when you want to set the alarm and disable it.

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