CCTV systems are fantastic for additional security and are used across the UK on as many 4million homes. CCTV is used with the police investigation and the average citizen is caught around 70 times a day on CCTV.

Additionally, experts say that up to 67% of burglaries could be prevented if people had CCTV at home and CCTV is useful in 65% of cases where the footage was available.

For this reason, CCTV cameras are incredibly useful security solutions, especially when they are used in conjunction with a burglar alarm system and working lights. The combination of the three-act as a visual deterrent, as well as evidence in the event of an attack.

When you need CCTV

CCTV can be used to protect your valuables in and outside of your home. Perhaps your car is parked up outside your home at night, or you have valuables in your garage. If you prefer to be safe than sorry, you can get CCTV to avoid potential threats of stealing from you or breaking into your property. CCTV is often used in cases for evidence and therefore you should install CCTV as a means of defense to protect your goods. Whether it be in your home or outside, it can’t hurt to have some additional protection just in case. 

Who can install a CCTV camera?

Anyone can install a CCTV camera system; however, you may want to leave it to your provider as it can sometimes be a time-consuming job. If you install your CCTV yourself, you may come across some issues or install it incorrectly, and therefore interfere with its efficiency.

How to install CCTV

Installing CCTV can be a lengthy task and should be taken on if only you feel confident enough. You can of course get someone else to install your CCTV if you wish, but it may cost you. If you are going to install your CCTV system you can find several guides online on how to do so, however, instructions may vary depending on the CCTV system you purchase. You should consult your provider before installing the CCTV as they may offer a manual on how to install it yourself.

Here is a detailed guide on how to install CCTV, however, note that your CCTV installation may vary slightly and you should research for your specific model before trying to install it.

Can you install CCTV on your property?

You can install CCTV on your property or inside your property.

How long does it take to install CCTV?

It can take between 4 hours and 1.5 days to install depending on how many cameras you’ve ordered and the size of your building