The Ajax alarm is the ultimate burglar alarm system that provides safety and security to all businesses and homes. From installation and repairs to system upgrades, we at Countrywide focus on both commercial and domestic properties looking to advance their current alarm system, by implementing the high-quality Ajax smart alarm.

With both indoor and outdoor wireless security detectors available, the Ajax alarm system can identify potential threats and will raise the alarm instantly. As an authorised SSAIB-certified security company and a 9.9 trusted Checkatrade tradesperson, we guarantee the highest-quality service and experience only found at Countrywide Security. Whether you’re curious about repairs or installation, our qualified engineers can fit any Ajax alarm device available.

We have created this guide to help homeowners find their ideal smart alarm and which device is best suited to their property.

Ajax Main Control Panel

The Ajax main control panel is one of the most efficient system control hubs ever created. The device has a processor that can manage data at speeds of up to four times faster than other smart alarms and runs on OS Malevich – a real-time operating system developed by Ajax Systems. As it is one of the most efficient system control hubs, it has many benefits as well.

With the OS installed, it is extremely durable and protected against cyberattacks and viruses because of the modular architecture. The control panel also has photo sequence detection. This means if the alarm is activated, within 9 seconds, a sequence of photo verification will come through to assess the situation.

Lastly, the Ajax Hub control panel is the perfect solution for implementing stronger security within your environment while also providing convenience. It features an array of impressive functions, like activating smoke detectors in case of intrusion or cutting power supply if there’s a fire or water leak – ensuring that you have top-of-the-line protection against any potential threats and disasters.

Ajax Motion Cam

The Ajax motion cam is an impressive motion detector with a photo verification system. The Ajax wireless motion cam provides you with privacy, peace of mind and security. Thanks to its advanced thermal optics lens, the Ajax Motion Cam stands out from other top-ranked motion detectors and ensures unparalleled detection accuracy. With the accuracy of the Fresnel lens, it provides users with the most accurate thermal imaging in a motion detector, filtering out false alarms from pets.

With the camera’s software, body temperature and heat-spot size differences can be precisely calibrated according to movement speed. For added convenience, all these settings are accessible through the Ajax app.

The motion cam provides the user with a series of photos upon motion detection, which will be sent to your phone instantly to capture any evidence. The photo verification system also decreases the number of false alarms and provides you with greater security and visual information on the situation as it unfolds.

Ajax Door Contacts

The Ajax door contact is a wireless detector which notifies you at the first signs of intrusion in the room. The device consists of two modules, a magnet and a detector. Working in perfect unison together to sense when you open your door or window, it can send that information wirelessly through the high-end reed switches, transmitting the signal straight to your control hub.

Installation of the door contacts is a breeze and requires minimal effort once installed by a professional such as Countrywide. On top of this, you won’t have to worry about frequent battery replacements, as they can last up to 7 years.

Ajax Break Glass Detectors

Protect your windows and stay in the loop with the glass protection detectors from Ajax. The detector is installed with a battery that can last up to 7 years. Instantly connect to the control hub with a click with the Ajax advanced glass detectors. Mounting onto a SmartBracket also only takes minutes – effortless and efficient.

The sensor can also detect broken glass through an electret microphone, displaying the sound of impact against the glass and of the glass falling.

Ajax Smart Alarm Installation

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