Ajax FireProtect Plus

Keeping you safe with intelligent temperature and carbon monoxide sensors.

Ajax FireProtect Plus

Keeping you safe with intelligent temperature and carbon monoxide sensors.


smoke detection

The device can independently register and test for smoke through a photoelectric sensor.

smoke heat detection

Fitted with a unique sensor that registers smoke, sharp rises in temperature and dangerous CO levels.

dust check

Provides you with prompts when the chamber needs dusting.





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The modern smoke and heat detector

The Ajax FireProtect Plus can work independently from other Ajax devices, emitting a fire alarm by means of a built-in siren to alert the entire premises where it’s installed. Once installed by Countrywide Security, the device is ready to work instantaneously, with the battery already fitted for ease.

The thermal sensors are triggered by changes to the temperate and an alarm will raise in the event of a fire. The FireProtect Plus has other built-in sensors that can also register changes in the level of carbon monoxide and smoke detection, offering a complete solution when it comes to a fire warning protection system.

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Is Ajax a good alarm system?

Ajax alarm system is the most awarded wireless system in Europe. In 2022, their awards include:

  • Security System of the Year by IFSEC
  • Best innovate Product by MIPS Securika
  • Intruder Product of the Year by PSI Premier Awards
  • Silver medal at Expoprotection Awards.

All Ajax devices meet the EN 50131 and EN 14606 fire standards, as well as being awarded Grade 2 – the highest level of reliability for wireless security systems.

They’re not the cheapest alarm system on the market, but they’re sure the best at protecting you and your property.

How does Ajax alarm system work?

Ajax alarm systems uses a control hub that uses encrypted radio protocol to connect and monitor devices. Ajax can detect and prevent fires and floods, protect entry points and stream surveillance to your phone.

Does Ajax alarm work with Alexa?

Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Assistant are not currently supported by Ajax.

How do I turn off Ajax alarm?

You control Ajax alarm systems from their app. To turn off an Ajax alarm:

  1. Open the Ajax app on your mobile phone
  2. Go to Devices
  3. Select your desired device
  4. Choose Settings
  5. Under the menu item, select Temporary Deactivation.

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